Explosion-Proof Analysis Cabin

Explosion-Proof Analysis Cabin

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Explosion-Proof Analysis Cabin
Application area
1. For hazardous explosive gas area Zone 1, Zone 2
2. For explosive gas mixture type: IIA, IIB, IIC level places
3. Temperature group: T4
4. Indoor and outdoor

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Explosion-proof analysis cabin are mainly applicable in the production in industrial areas such as refining,petrochemical, metallurgy, pharmaceutical and lighting industry for a safe installation onsite and protection space for the online gas and water quality analysis instruments.Its body is a frame structure that hold independent explosion-proof apparatus with keel welded by section steel and interior/outside wall panels.The whole assembly YTXW series are designed and manufactured by Nanyang Yitong. And the related documentation and sample have been tested as required by the national lab,and obtained the explosion-proof certification from approved national certification body.

YTXW series explosion-proof analysis cabins designed and produced by Yitong Explosion-proof, integrates the complete set, assembly and application of industrial online instruments. The explosion-proof analysis cabin is mainly composed of ventilation system, explosion-proof power distribution system, explosion-proof lighting system, combustible gas detector, explosion-proof sound and light alarm, explosion-proof air conditioner, explosion-proof monitoring system, and emission recovery system. It can meet the special environmental conditions required by the complete system of online analytical instruments, such as temperature, humidity, dustproof, explosion-proof, etc., and realize the centralized control, dispatch command, process analysis and instrument control of the user’s site.

The design and production of explosion-proof analysis cabins are strictly in accordance with GB3836 series explosion-proof standards and GB/T 25844 complete system of industrial field analysis cabins. It can be used in Group II factory use explosion-proof environment, where exists explosive gas Zone 1 and 2.

Function Features

  1. All live equipment installed on the cabin are independent explosion-proof components, such as power distribution equipment, lighting equipment, ventilation equipment, analyzers and other that have obtained independent explosion-proof certification.
  2. Main body is a frame structure with keel welded by section steel wrapped by inner and outer wall panels. The wall panels can be made of stainless steel or carbon steel sprayed with plastic, and the thickness of the steel plate can be customized upon request.

3. The walls are filled with flame-retardant insulation materials (the thickness is determined by the thickness of the walls), and the floor is 4mm thick non-slip floor with anti-static treatment, wear-resistant and durable.

4. Safety door is equipped with explosion-proof glass windows, door closers and escape locks, which can be opened quickly and operate flexibly.

5. The detection probe and signal transmitter of internal gas detector are of an integrated structure, with local alarm and remote contact output.

6. The smoke and temperature detector can detect the high temperature and high smoke inside timely, and transmit the danger signal to the control room.

7. Equipped with explosion-proof air conditioner- Adjustable indoor temperature, with constant temperature, constant humidity function

8. The peripheral configuration of the cabin can be determined according to user requirements, see the configuration selection table for details.

<Details for inside part

Installation Conditions

1. Power supply: AC110V~AC460V

2. Explosion-proof mark: Ex d e ib mb px IIC T4 Gb

3. Ambient temperature: -20℃~+40℃

4. Relative humidity: ≤95%RH(25℃)

5. Atmospheric pressure: 80KPa~110KPa

6. Altitude: <2000m

Application area

1. For hazardous explosive gas area Zone 1, Zone 2

2. For explosive gas mixture type: IIA, IIB, IIC level places

3. Temperature group: T4

4. Indoor and outdoor