YTW-1Explosion-Proof PTZ camera

YTW-1Explosion-Proof PTZ camera

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- Explosion-Proof PTZ camera
- Flameproof design for environments Group II Electrical equipment for all other hazardous areas,
- with China Compulsory Certification(CCC) and China explosion-proof certificate, and the enterprise produce products under production license

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· Made of 304 stainless steel, with anti-corrosion function, support H.265 coding, support remote upgrade of camera and cradle board, support double output interface of character superposition/simulation and network video, easy to upgrade and transform, with wiper and sun shield, shield can be built in heating component

· The body adopts integrated structure design, there is no external cable between the gimbal and the image lifter, and the gimbal adopts precision gear transmission mode to realize all-directional dead-angle monitoring, power off self-locking, strong wind resistance and strong stability. Even in the most severe environment, the camera can ensure the clarity and accuracy of the picture

· With variable rotating speed of the head, it can easily capture moving objects even at the longest focal end. Optional dual-power redundancy design, power failure can automatically switch to standby power

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· Can you design a custom explosion proof solution for me?

Yes! We have team engineers and designers that create custom solutions for our clients daily. 

Just contact  email us as shown.

· What is explosion proof, and how do I determine what best suits my needs?

The term “Explosion proof” is a generic term. Under the IEC, you will need to identify the following items for classification of your unit: Zones, Group(s) and T-Code (surface max. temperatures). For help with this, our company have the pre-sales service team  that will help with your selection. If you need additional help on this matter, please call us. We look forward to hearing from you. Please note that cost and delivery can sometimes be effected by the classification of your unit. Please confirm that your selection is correct for both safety and delivery issues.

· How do I get the unit shipped to my location?

Simple. we can work with your freight forwarder or contract delivery of your units to a  destination of your choice.we can ship your projects by land, sea, or air to any part of the world. we works closely with the best freight forwarders to get your project not only delivered on time, but also undamaged. 

Our shipping team can offer air or sea crating for your projects to keep the equipment in perfect working order. 

· Do you ship equipment to the middle east?

Yes, we ship orders worldwide.

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