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Nanyang Yitong Explosion proof Electric Co.,Ltd (YITONG) is an advanced electrical solution provider for commercial,industrial ,especially for industrial hazardous areas of zone1, zone 2, and zone 20, zone 21, zone 22

YITONG is one of the biggest manufacturer of the explosion proof electrical products in China mainland. Products are strictly in compliance with China national explosion-proof standard or related industrial standard, including GB3836, IEC60079 and related professional standards manufacturing and inspection and have obtained European Union’s ATEX, IECEx ,KCs certificate of explosion proof air conditioner. Currently, products are sold to all areas in China, and also sold to Europe, Americas,Africa, South East Asia and etc.


Build an open platform to enable entrepreneurs to realize value; innovation leads the industry and promotes social civilization.

YITONG Strategy

Become a leading equipment manufacturing and one-stop integrated service provider in China’s explosion-proof industry.

YITONG Mission & Core Value

Ensure safe production and protect the dignity of life by Quality, Innovation, Collaboration

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