Explosion proof Combined Air Conditioning Unit

Explosion proof Combined Air Conditioning Unit

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- Explosion-proof modular air-conditioning unit
- The air-conditioning system in the treatment of air key equipment.
- Mainly suitable for the existence of the factory or there may be IIA, IIB, IIC class, T1 ~ T4 group combustible gas, steam and air to form an explosive dangerous place.

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Explosion-proof modular air-conditioning unit (hereinafter referred to as the unit) is the air-conditioning system in the treatment of air key equipment. The unit is mainly suitable for the existence of the factory or there may be IIA, IIB, IIC class, T1 ~ T4 group combustible gas, steam and air to form an explosive dangerous place.

The unit adopts a combination of single or multiple functional sections, with a new return air mixing section, a junior middle efficiency filter section, a new exhaust section, an intermediate section (maintenance section), a secondary return air section, a cold section, a heating section and a shower Water section, muffler section, humidifying section, are flow section, send (back) fan section, out of the wind section, the user according to the needs of the portfolio selection. Flexible combination of units, disassembly convenient, widely used in all walks of life, at the same time according to user needs non-standard unit design and manufacture.


less investment, high efficiency. Installation of evaporative air conditioners in the same area saves about 60% of equipment investment by installing central air conditioners.

less power consumption, low operating costs, only 1 degree per hour electricity. In the same area to install evaporative energy-saving air-conditioning, the power consumption is about 1/8 of central air conditioning.

air supply far, large air volume. Air flow per hour up to 18000m above.

clean air of good quality: ventilation, ventilation, purification, smell can be indoor with odor, dust and turbid hot air excreted outdoors, while the outdoor fresh air into the clean room, the air filter is good, right Dust filtration efficiency of more than 1μm in diameter is more than 80%.

the cooling effect is obvious: the general cooling unit can reach 4 ℃ -10 ℃, and rapid cooling.

Function introduction:

Initial effect section: Adopting non-woven plate type primary effect filter to preliminarily filter the large particle dust in the fresh air to meet the internal hygiene requirements of the unit and reduce the burden on the medium-efficiency filter section;

In the efficiency section: the use of non-woven bag filter, filter air through the pipeline and the production of secondary dust, to reduce the burden of high efficiency filter or high efficiency filter;

Fan section: the use of low noise centrifugal fan, low noise, wind pressure; according to customer requirements, the choice of variable frequency control;

Table cold section: Table cold coil surface velocity ≤ 2.5m / s, and the use of hydrophilic membrane flat fin production, heat transfer effect is good and difficult to dust and bacteria, will not produce water phenomenon;

Heating section: hot water heating, steam heating, electric heating, etc .; electric heating using stainless steel light pipe, smooth surface without fin, corrosion resistance, easy to fouling, easy to clean;

Humidification section: Dry steam humidification or electrode humidification can be used to ensure that there is no accumulated water in the humidifier after the shutdown, so as to eliminate the possibility of bacteria growth in the humidifier.

Sterility: UV or ozone generator can be used for sterilization, completely destroy the bacteria living environment

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· Can you design a custom explosion proof solution for me?

Yes! We have team engineers and designers that create custom solutions for our clients daily. 

Just contact  email us as shown.

· What is explosion proof, and how do I determine what best suits my needs?

The term “Explosion proof” is a generic term. Under the IEC, you will need to identify the following items for classification of your unit: Zones, Group(s) and T-Code (surface max. temperatures). For help with this, our company have the pre-sales service team  that will help with your selection. If you need additional help on this matter, please call us. We look forward to hearing from you. Please note that cost and delivery can sometimes be effected by the classification of your unit. Please confirm that your selection is correct for both safety and delivery issues.

· How do I get the unit shipped to my location?

Simple. we can work with your freight forwarder or contract delivery of your units to a  destination of your choice.we can ship your projects by land, sea, or air to any part of the world. we works closely with the best freight forwarders to get your project not only delivered on time, but also undamaged. 

Our shipping team can offer air or sea crating for your projects to keep the equipment in perfect working order. 

· Do you ship equipment to the middle east?

Yes, we ship orders worldwide.

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