Production Safety: Factory explosion-proof monitoring system installation solution!

Production Safety: Factory explosion-proof monitoring system installation solution!

Author:Zhao, Flora Time:2022-9-21

With the rapid development of China’s economy and the promotion of national smart chemical factories, the number of large-scale production industrial parks is increasing, and industrial enterprises have higher and higher requirements for the visualization, automation and intelligence of safe production. How to realize large-scale production The demand for safety protection is what many large enterprises are looking forward to. How to ensure the safety of production in the park has also become an urgent requirement. At this time, we need a technologically advanced, stable and reliable intelligent security system to ensure its normal operation and safe production.

This article will talk about the installation solution of the factory explosion-proof monitoring system, hoping to help everyone.

Factory explosion-proof monitoring system installation solution

  1. The overall design idea of ​​the system

The industrial park has a large scale of production and a large number of production equipment, which makes daily inspection and management difficult. Moreover, there are a large number of flammable, explosive and corrosive products in the park. Safety management in the process of production, storage and transportation is of great importance.

  1. System requirements

Build a smart and safe industrial park, and transmit all video images, voice, IoT data, and alarm information in the park to the monitoring center through a dedicated network to realize the collection, storage, processing and centralized display of audio, video and various data information. The intelligent production safety supervision and management system of the whole park. The main system requirements are as follows:

(1) Alarm management requirements

When emergencies occur, the monitoring center can be notified by one-key alarm, and the monitoring center will immediately alert relevant personnel through sound and light alarms, voice alarms, text messages, etc., automatically link the on-site monitoring information for review, and automatically activate emergency plans according to the event, detailed and clear Record all the incidents for future inspection, evidence collection and experience accumulation;

(2) Video surveillance requirements

The front-end intelligent explosion-proof camera realizes real-time monitoring of employee operations, production equipment operation, vehicle entry and exit, and environmental data in the industrial park, ensuring comprehensive and effective control of personnel, vehicles, equipment, and the conditions of various areas. The electronic map can view any channel or multi-channel video at any time, and realize the functions of video recording, playback, snapshot, etc.;

(3) Converged communication requirements

The explosion-proof handheld terminal (walkie-talkie, telephone, mobile phone, etc.) in the communication system can initiate an audio/video intercom connection request to the monitoring center according to the needs. After the monitoring center receives the confirmation of the request, the audio/video intercom connection can be established to realize Audio/video intercom, the monitoring center can also initiate intercom requests to any/multiple intercom terminals to realize real-time voice intercom;

(4) Safety and fire integration requirements

Effectively integrate the fire protection system and security system, solve the drawbacks of information islands and data islands between systems, and realize the functions of fire alarm video pop-up window, alarm point floor plan linkage, fire alarm handling, and alarm information push;

(5) Intelligent application requirements

The system adopts advanced intelligent technology to automatically conduct structured and big data analysis on all kinds of data in the park, discover security problems and hidden dangers in time, and gradually realize the fundamental transformation from “post-event investigation” to “pre-warning” and “in-event control” , so that all kinds of safety accidents are controlled in an attempted state, and the rate of safety accidents in the park is reduced.